Theatre at Saint Joseph Catholic High School

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“The Tempest” Audition and Production Information Sheet

Audition Date: Tuesday, May 19th

Time: 3:30-5pm

Place: Outside Amphitheatre by library or in the dance room if weather is bad

What to prepare: Please prepare the Epilogue spoken by Prospero at the end of the play. I would

prefer for you to be memorized, but even more than memorization, I want to see you make strong choices throughout 

the text. If you feel you can do that better with the text in hand, that is fine.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals begin the first day of school, August 18, 2014, and run Monday through Saturday, weekdays 

from 3:30-7:30pm and Saturdays, from 9-5pm. We will be off Saturday, August 30th and Monday, September 1st for 

Labor Day. Not ALL cast members are called for every rehearsal. Please see the August and September rehearsal 

schedules for detailed rehearsal information.

Production Dates: The show opens on Wednesday, September 10th and runs through Saturday, September 13th for total of 4 performances.

Description: “The Tempest” is a magical story with clowns, kings, princesses, dukes, monsters, fairies and goddesses 

all rolled into a fantastic tale of revenge, love and forgiveness set against the backdrop of an enchanted island. The 

play begins with a storm (hence, the title) which will ultimately set our story in motion and end with a “happily-ever-


We will be performing this show outside in order to create our island magic and moving the audience with us as we 

travel to several different locations in the amphitheatre/garden/gazebo area. The audience will be invited to bring 

blankets and chairs so that they can pick up and move with us.

The show will begin at 7:30 (instead of our usual 7pm) so that we can end as the sun is going down to create our final 

magical picture.

This production will be somewhat ground-breaking and experimental and no doubt, a unique theatre experience for all 

of us!

Expectations: This production comes up early in our school year which is why we are casting before the school year ends. All cast members will be expected to be off-book by their first rehearsal. In other words, no scripts will be allowed, ever, at rehearsals. Cast members will have the summer to memorize and are expected to meet that obligation. Cast members are expected to be at all rehearsals pertaining to them, no exceptions. I will work with extremely minor conflicts, but anything not previously negotiated (aside from sickness or emergencies) will not be excused. If you miss more than one rehearsal, you will be allowed to work tech, but your part will be reassigned. This is a tight, small-ensemble show. Each person cast is extremely valuable to the process. If you choose to do this production, this should be your top priority, after academics.

Please be sure to read the Plot Overview, the Character Descriptions, the Rehearsal Schedule for August and September and any other provided materials prior to auditioning.

Fees: All participating students are required to pay a $100 fee. This fee will cover production expenses, including costuming, advertising, copying of scripts, make-up and sets.

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